When Do Men Stop Growing?

Published on January 9 2017

There is no exact set age when every man stops growing. There are fairly specific guidelines to when the process starts to slow down considerably and obviously in old game most of us start to lose height but the body still retains the hormones required to grow - it just doesn't really need to use them.

On average men star their growth spurt during puberty and continue to get most of their growth until about 25. This will vary of course some won't spurt during puberty while others will continue to grow until much later in life. Set rules, general guidelines and there's nothing you can do to control that element of it. It's hard coded into your DNA.

There are some things you can do to hinder your growth. If you're building a house you won't get very far without the bricks and cement, right? Same goes for when your body is growing. It needs the nutrition. In fact there was a great point on the Washington Post about feeding a growing boy with nutritional food on a low budget.

My son’s name is Charlie. But lately I’ve come to think of him as The Gaping Maw.

This about sums it up. The better this is managed the better your growth at a younger age (especially during puberty) but even then your baseline is set and no amount of calcium is going to make you 7 foot when your body is designed to be 5.

Lifting improperly can impact the spinal column and cause some severe growth problems. This is why a lot of strength based sports are careful with how they allow younger children or even young adults to participate.

I used to carry some really heavy bags around when I was in high school. I delivered papers but I wanted to get everything done in one go so I'd pack more on my shoulders than the adults would in their cars.

I'm 6'5 these days but honestly I would of probably been taller had I not done that for so long.

Then we have the obvious things. Smoking, drinking and substance abuse in general. I'm not one to tell people what they should and shouldn't be putting in their own bodies. But scientific facts speak for themselves it does hinder your growth potential.

But it's not all bad news. While there's a lot of things you can do to stunt growth and it's laregely limited by your DNA there are some things you can do to increase your height - and I'm not just talking about getting some platform shoes on.

Now keep in mind this is limited change we're talking about here. You're able to provide your body with what it needs and encourage it to grow it's still hardwired but you would be surprised of the changes. This is my journey on controling my growth. In the last maybe two years or so I've seen some pretty big changes and at the same time my general health has improved students are encourged to journal their progress as it keeps them accountable to eachother.

It wasn't long ago my sister was taller than me. And she jokingly sent me this and this year was the first time I was taller and didn't have to look up to her at Christmas. Can't say that felt bad.

Written by Clara

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