Day 1) Nutrition and Height (My First Soup!)

Published on January 10 2017

So this isn't technically day one since I've been doing this for a while but I've always just been doing it privately. But it's the first day doing it online and I'm still working on my growth so I'll start from scratch.

I think the biggest change I've been struggling to make is in nutrition. Throughout my days at university and even since then I've not been eating well. I don't eat a lot of junk food like crisps and things but I'm not great with making sure I was actually getting a healthy diet outside of that. Empty carbs I think the term is.

I think the reason I'm at least at the size I am is my mother cooks. She's a great cook in fact. I know most people probably think that but I recently got to learn a little from her and I'm really in awe. So I've been trying to cook more. It started with just boiling some rice (and boy did I make waaay too much that first time) and then I started frying it up with mixed veg. I then got into the deep end and made my own burgers, followed by baking gingerbread for my neighbours and all of that culimiated in me cooking Christmas dinner. 7 hours in the kitchen and a bunch of cookbooks with a lot of names and words I'd never heard of - but it was a hit.

What I'd never made? Soup.

I've been buying a lot of tubbed soup. Anything which says something like "2 of your 5 a day" that kind of thing. They're easy to make and I have to figure there's some level of nutrition there. But I also know the amount of preservatives that have to go into that tub to make it viable for the company selling them.

And soup is meant to be one of the easier things to make. So... well I started to have a go. I'll be honest I didn't look at a guide or anything I just tossed a whole bunch of stuff in to boil and then fried some of the softer stuff like leeks and onions with ginger. Tossed it in with stock and I didn't have a blender which I would of liked but it worked out pretty well. I got a lot of nutrition I wouldn't normally get. I also recently got the Nutri Bullet which means smoothies without much having to wash up. I tried a juicer before but you lose a lot of nutrition that way, you have a lot more to clean up and honestly I just prefer smoothies. I just have to resist the urge to have nothing but fruit in there. Gotta get some green veg!

Written by Clara

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